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    Springfield Baptist Church

    Founded in 1867 by newly freed slaves, Springfield Baptist Church is the oldest historically Black Baptist church in Greenville, South Carolina. The church is still active in the community.

    In addition to being a center for spiritual growth, Springfield Baptist Church was headquarters for non-violent civil rights protests in the 1960s. The church became pivotal in the movement on January 1, 1960 with a peaceful march from the church to the Greenville Downtown Airport. The march was organized after the keynote speaker for a state NAACP convention, Jackie Robinson, the first Black Major League Baseball player, was denied use of the airport’s waiting room.

    Site Information

    Phone: (864) 271-3494

    Address: 600 East McBee Avenue, Greenville, SC, United States

    Attraction Info: Quick Stop

    Online Resources: https://www.springfieldbapt.com/

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