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Bogalusa to Baton Rouge March

A.Z. Young Park is named after one of the leaders of the Louisiana civil rights movement. These grounds once held the A.Z. Young Building that housed the Louisiana Department of Social Services. The Bogalusa to Baton Rouge March marker is located here to honor the first march, and longest at 105 miles, of the Civil Rights Movement. The Bogalusa to Baton Rouge March started August 10, 1967. Led by civil rights activist A.Z. Young, with Robert “Bob” Hicks and Gayle Jenkins, the march was referred to as the “105-mile gauntlet.” While facing substantial opposition requiring protection from 2,200 National Guardsmen and police, the march grew from 25 to 600 people during the journey. On August 20, 1967, during a rally on the steps of the state Capitol, Young presented a list of grievances to Gov. John McKeithen regarding employment discrimination and the election of 10 African Americans running for local offices in Bogalusa. The protesters’ efforts were ultimately successful, leading to better hiring and voting practices.

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Address: 800 N 3rd St, Baton Rouge, LA 70802, United States

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Bogalusa to Baton Rouge March Marker

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